Monday, August 24, 2009

As I close my eyes the whispering of a million leaves fills my ears.

I lie on the deck and listen to the swell of each breeze blowing through the trees, echoing the soft rhythm of the ocean as it laps against the shore.

It’s only August, but something in the rustle of leaves speaks of autumn soon to come. Already! End of summer not yet here, but those last, winding down days are often tinged, for me, with a bit of melancholy.

Not as much, though, when fall is as warm and golden as the past few have been. Here’s hoping for a fall as beautiful as last year’s:

We love living next door to the Farmer's Market.

I am obsessed with fall leaves.

Road trip to Cape Breton for my cousin Jennifer's wedding.
Pre-wedding party.

Charlie is almost too cute.
The Big Day!

Big wedding party, isn't it? We had so, so much fun!

Don't they look lovely?

Me and my darling Stephen Beeven. He is me, except in boy form. When we were little kids and fought, the most insulting thing I could ever call him was Stephen Beeven, and he would call me Myra Wyra (also very insulting). Funny how something so maddening then can become a term of endearment with time. :)

I love this picture, taken in my parents' backyard.
This was such a fun day, from start to finish - even little things like driving from place to place.
Jelynne and Eliza
Us & our handsome brother.

Dad, Simon, Jamie and Keagan played for the dance, and Wallen got up for a few songs. The rest of us danced all night.
I love home...

This random cat pretty much adopted our yard as where she wanted to have her kittens. She tried for our house first, but my Mom is allergic, and it just wasn't an option.
So we had kittens for a couple of months. We all fell quite in love with them. Mom and Dad managed to give them all away to good families (and Mama cat too).

They even made it inside sometimes.

I love the Halifax Public Gardens...

One of many nights out at the Wardroom (the King's bar).
Two of Eliza's paintings were on display at the Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, and we all went to see them. My sister is so incredibly talented in so many ways.

We took lots of walks in the Gardens.